Our mission is to provide world-class marine electronics services and solutions to professionally-crewed yachts that travel to and through the Caribbean.

From our year-round base in St. Maarten we provide the full range of marine electronics services, with specialty in Internet access, onboard networking and Audio-Visual systems. We have expertise in Satellite TV & Communications, 3G/4G Cellular, Wi-Fi, and AV Control Systems.

We welcome you at the beginning of your Caribbean season with Satellite TV conversions (DirecTV and Canal+/Canalsat), ensure that your Internet access is up and running for those all-important Christmas/New Year’s guest trips, and then work with you throughout the season on needed repairs, upgrades and enhancements.

For our returning clients who call the Caribbean their winter home we offer multi-year engagements with incremental upgrades that keep your systems up-to-date while fitting within your operational budget

We specialize in turning complex issues into manageable solutions, whether it is monitoring and bandwidth management for a VSAT link, Simplified Sat TV region changes, easy to use AV control systems or getting B&G instrument info on an iPad.

Our engagement and support does not end when you depart the Caribbean. We provide support by phone & Internet remote access to ensure your systems keep running smoothly.

We take great care to make sure that our jobs are done right, and our delivery and solutions fit within your busy schedule. Check out what our clients have to say in Superyacht Services Guide Review.

We look forward to working with you!