We are a small marine electronics company catering primarily to professionally-crewed yachts cruising in the Caribbean. We specialize in satellite TV, IT and AV.

For yachts who make the island of St. Maarten their winter home, we welcome you at the beginning of your Caribbean season with Satellite TV conversions, ensure that your Internet access is up and running for those all-important Christmas/New Year’s guest trips, and then work with you throughout the season on needed repairs, upgrades and enhancements.

If you are cruising elsewhere in the region, we provide you with advice, parts and guidance on necessary conversions to enable your systems to work locally.

We specialize in turning complex issues into manageable solutions, whether it is combining and optimizing 4G, Starlink and VSAT links, simplified Sat TV region changes, easy to use AV control systems or getting your navigation and instrumentation data on mobile devices.

Our engagement and support does not end when you depart the Caribbean. We provide support by phone & Internet remote access to ensure your systems keep running smoothly.

We look forward to working with you!