Connection Switching, Bandwidth Management and Security

Connection-switching routers allow you to switch between different Internet providers without requiring changes to your internal network. They provide essential services to your internal network (DHCP address assignment, NAT, DNS etc.) and route Internet traffic from/to all your devices through the provider you select – Satellite, 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or shore connection.

Bandwidth management is becoming an essential part of providing Internet access on a boat – ensuring that priority traffic (owner access, ship business) always goes through and that less-important traffic (crew access, uploading of pictures from cell phones to a cloud backup) does not get in the way.

Security is an important but often-overlooked aspect of onboard Internet access – when the bad guys get into a guest of crew-owned device, the impact can be devastating not only to that device but to the rest of the network. Malware can clog the entire Internet bandwidth onboard, and can use one device as a “beachhead” to attempt to spread to other devices onboard.


we offer two types of bandwidth management solutions:

Kerio Control

We have been working with Kerio Control way back from its origins as Winroute Firewall through today when it has become the de-facto standard in large yachts. It is a powerful, sophisticated, complex appliance, a very effective solution when properly configured and operated.

Kerio Control will help you:

  • Select an active Internet connection, direct different connections to different groups of users, or define an automatic failover
  • Monitor Internet usage by connection, individual devices or groups; quickly identify bottlenecks and slowdowns
  • Prioritize traffic, allow or block traffic according to type or user groups
  • Scan for viruses, block known hijacked/malware web sites, protect from intrusions over public IP addresses


Peplink Balance Routers

For smaller boats without the needs for sophisticated monitoring and management, our Peplink Balance solutions are ideal. They let you easily switch between 3 or 5 different Internet connections, provide basic monitoring and support simple access control methods, such as allowing just the owner’s or captain’s computer to access an expensive satellite connection.