Canal+/Canalsat Caraibes

Canal+/Canalsat┬áCaraibes is the satellite TV service for the French Caribbean. The service is carried over the new Intelsat 35e satellite on 37.5W using linear polarization – a European quad-linear LNB is used for reception. Signal is strong throughout the Caribbean.

Canal+/Canalsat uses its own receivers/decodes that look similar to its big brother Metroplitan France service but are not compatible due to different CanalPlus Receiverencryption scheme (Nagravision). Decoders include both HDMI digital and SCART analog (PAL) outputs. Since 2013 the service is utilizing the DVB-S2 standard. Third-party DVB-S2 decodes with the appropriate CAM-CAI module may work; older DVB-S receivers no longer do.

Programming is mainly in French, with a few in channels in English, including news, sports and movies with multiple audio feeds. Other than the obvious appeal to French-speaking guests and crew, there are a few other reasons to consider the service:

  1. Yachts arriving from Europe do not need to switch to circular LNBs
  2. European and worldwide sports programming that may not be available on American-focused DirecTV service
  3. TV Globo channel for Brazilian guests

We can assist with the sourcing and installation of decoders and service. Our standard seasonal offering includes purchased decoders and 6-month service including all movie, sports & news channels. Contact us for more details.