Starlink in the Eastern Caribbean

Updated: January 2023

Starlink service is currently working throughout the region. Yachts are reporting good coverage when travelling from the US East Coast, throughout the Bahamas, and all the way down the island chain.

Service quality is typical for Starlink – varying speeds, frequent short outages, and congestion at busy times/ports.

At this time, Starlink RV users with registered addresses in the USA and Europe are able to get service while in the Caribbean, even offshore and while cruising at speeds of up to 20 knots. It appears that Starlink is currently not enforcing their terms of service that prohibit in-motion use for undesignated kits and countries. This makes the standard Starlink RV by far the best connectivity value currently available for cruising the island chain. Enjoy that while it lasts!

The new Flat High Perfomance Antenna supports in-motion use and offers better performance.

With the standard Dishy antenna generally pointing North, and known Gateways in the region in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, usable satellites are generally in an arc from the Northeast to the Northwest (source: For best coverage this is the area that is most important to keep free of obstructions from rigging, superstructure etc.

Starlink is available for purchase in some, but not many islands – The Dominican Republic, US territories (Puerto Rico and USVI), the French Caribbean (St. Martin, St. Barths, Guadeloupe, Martinique) and Barbados. Residential orders placed in French-side St. Martin in late 2022 were quickly fulfilled, shipped DHL at no extra cost, and commissioned without issues, with assigned IP addresses geo-located in Marigot, St. Martin.

Our Services

Contact us for a service call to properly integrate Starlink into your yacht’s network.

For yachts with dual Starlinks (Maritime service) or Starlink+cellular, we recommend a bonding solution such as those offered by Peplink or K4 Mobility. This can ensure seamless and outage-free operation for your guests when one of the links is experiencing performance issues, blockage or other outages.